If you are a dreamer come in
If you are a dreamer a wisher a liar
A hoper a pray-er a magic-bean-buyer
If you’re a pretender come sit by my fire
For we have some flax golden tales to spin
Come in! 
Come in!” 
― Shel Silverstein




Zibell’s Treasure Trove is a blog that has no boundaries.This blog isn’t a SERIOUS BUSINESS type of joint. Think of it as sitting down with a friend and just talking back and forth about the latest topic that holds your interest. It’s conversational, there might be swooning, there might be CAPS LOCK, lots of !!!!! &  angry keysmashing or I might pour my heart out to you. You will also find fun bookworm-y(is that even a word?) posts, discussions about all things Fangirl and a smattering of personal posts and whatever my little heart desires.

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As always, don’t forget to bring your imagination wherever you go and add a sprinkle of creativity in everything you do!

Your friendly neighborhood dreamer,