Zeebee’s EMO MODE.

It’s that time of the month again.

No no…I am not talking about me PMSing or anything.Nah….it’s nothing as mundane as that. It’s my emo mode.

At least, that’s what I call this mood. No offense to people who proudly call themselves emo. No this is plain old non-clinical depression.

Ok. OK. I had promised I wouldn’t whine about all this shit on here but I needed to share my opinions somewhere. So this was the only outlet I could find.

Was that tooooooooo emo for my blog?? Heh...Gomen ne….I didn’t mean to go all depressy on my sunshine and happinezz blog.

Anyways….writing makes me happy. I feel my mood improving already. Maybe I should try this more often.

Lemme tell y’all more about this mode of mine. It’s not dark dark eyeliner and sad music kinda emo. Its more like Bokuto’s emo mode for Haikyuu! fans. Yeah. Exactly like that. In fact, I have noticed this. My personality is exactly like Bokuto-san’s. I too need an Akaashi in my life and since my Akaashi has been absent from my daily life for the past few days….I have slowly and gradually sinking down my mood’s elevator and…..and here we are.

It’s my coping mechanism. Some people go pouty when things dont go their way. Some cry. Some shrug it off. I go emo mode. The ever loud and cheery Zeebee turns quiet and prefers staying alone. Don’t worry though. I’ll be back as excite-y as before and then we’ll be fun and games and poking fun at Reality again.

Until then….


Yours currently-depressy,




The OTAKU Status In India


Completely and utterly dead. Wellll……almost.

These are a few choice words I can use in answer to the question in the title. Is it the same everywhere else too??

Being an otaku in India is a baaaaaaaaaaaadd idea.

Especially now that Animax has pretty much disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle. There are literally no channels which show anime. Except of course, those children’s channel shows like Doraemon or Shinchan. Ughh.

However after the release of Attack on Titan, anime-viewing in India witnessed a teeeeny upsurge, and people finally began to appreciate it. I’ve seen a few people talk about Death Note (however, when someone I knew called it a ‘serial’ I wasn’t sure how to react) and Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. But that’s about it, where I live.

Appreciation for anime and manga in India remains in its infancy, meaning that most people who claim to love anime probably have watched around 5, and those are probably the ones that are the most mainstream ones, like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Attack on Titan,  etc. They proceed to call themselves ‘otakus’ and talk about how amazing anime is, before forgetting about it and moving on to Friends.

Don’t get me wrong. I like American TV Shows. I love Sherlock. I love Big Bang Theory. I try to watch both anime and American TV shows, and as a college student, I just want to mention what the general perspective towards anime is where I live:

1. American Shows are classy; Anime, not so much.

Lots of people have placed anime in some sort of stigma. Most often, when I mention that I watch anime, the reaction is ‘You still watch all those childish shows?’ But when you say that you’re watching Sherlock or How I Met Your Mother, the discussion immediately shifts to how amazing the show is, discussing certain episodes, or laughing at gags.

2. Anime is either childish or pornography.

As I mentioned before, most people place anime under shows for children, and no matter how much you try to change their minds giving examples of Attack On Titan or Fullmetal Alchemist, people refuse to change their mind. Show them some dystopian anime like Shinsekai Yori, which also covers moral issues while also discussing more taboo subjects like sexual attraction and homosexuality. Watch how long it takes before one of your favorite anime is branded as hentai. Not that it is bad, but it doesn’t exactly help the popularity status. The most annoying thing thing about this is that these same people go on to watch Game of Thrones and have no problem with incest. Hypocrites.

3. We’re all Wannabe-Weeaboos.

The people of any fandom is bad, but I feel that the anime /manga category is the worst. People try implementing Japanese words into daily use[guilty…guilty;)] and posting about how amazing anime is on social media, but end up looking like idiots. Honestly…..I use kawaii!! and baka! in my daily language. When others call us out on our strange obsession with anime, we react like cornered animals. Which is even funnier as people then feel that we are worse than they thought we were and literally nope the hell outta there. It’s true, and it’s rampant and I’ve had more than one friend ask me why anime-watchers are so defensive when it came to discussions about the media. But come on…don’t blame us….having to constantly hear our fandom as childish or hentai makes us defensive, ne??

4. It’s a cartoon, and hence beneath my level.

This is definitely the most common shit I hear. As long as it’s animated, it’s impossible to watch. No matter what the idea is, no matter what topics it discusses, you will always hear ‘but it is animated!!’  or ‘Those are little kids stuff’ or usually ‘grow up Shreya’. According to those eejits, it is animated therefore nor worth my time. Several people have told me outright that they would never watch an anime mainly because they think they they wouldn’t be able to take something animated seriously. That sucks, because, as Pixar or Dreamworks show, some of the greatest content can be animated.

5. Being a female otaku is a crime.

You are a girl?? And you like anime??? How could you?? or just yesterday.….don’t forget you are a 19 year old girl, Shreya. You shouldn’t be watching all those bad stuff…..I mean like what?? How do both those things even have a relation?? *sigh* This is literally the state of a female manga/anime fan. Since you rarely get boys around you who at least know what anime is, you can actually forget about finding a girl who loves anime. While discussing DBZ or Naruto with a boy is not all that bad, who am I supposed to discuss and share my excitement for the shoujo or romance manga?? Boys won’t watch stuff like Fruits Basket or Kimi No Todoke or Toradora! or Hana Yori Dango  or read manga like Horimiya. Its like I have all this excitement or squeal-y fits dues to the kawaii moments but no one to share it with. Thank god for Tumblr. And anime forums.

5. Mainstream dominates.

While this is true for any media, if you look at American TV shows, the most discussed in general are Game of Thrones, Friends, Sherlock, Flash, etc. All of these shows have great production value, incredible stories, and impeccable acting – in other words, they are pretty much the pinnacle of American story telling. One is comedic, another about a fantasy world filled with betrayal and sex, another about solving crimes, and the last tying in with the DC superhero world.

On the other hand, the most discussed anime are Naruto, One Piece, DBZ and Attack on Titan. Notice a trend? All of them are about a determined, generally stupid main character who needs to work hard to achieve his goal. Indeed, their settings are different, with Attack on Titan having a revolutionary new idea, but their premise is the same, and that makes people think that most anime is basically rehashing of the same idea.

This makes me feel sad, because anime is a media which has a lot to offer, and I don’t understand why people would simply refuse everything it has just because of certain prejudices and assumptions. The fact is, the anime community that everyone sees (and somewhat fears) may represent the largest part of the fanbase. People write off anime as mindless entertainment without watching the hauntingly beautiful Wolf Children or Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away or Garden Of Words or…..the disturbing Aku no Hana or Serial Experiments Lain, the thrilling Cowboy Bebop, the exciting Haikyuu!! and the amazing Fullmetal Alchemist or mesmerizing Inuyasha.

I’ve watched some truly great shows, read even more amazing manga and sure, I’ve had to wade through whole lot of crappy material to get to them. But those shows have made experiences that I can’t forget about. I remember crying while watching Hotarubi no Mori E and Fullmetal Alchemist because of the raw emotions that those shows exposed me to. I remember grinning like an idiot while watching Inuyasha and Kagome’s banter in Inuyasha, and I know no other medium can give me those sorts of experiences again. That’s why I love anime, and that’s why I continue to watch it even when people are saying that it’s childish and other ishhh like that. Because it is amazing, GODDAMMIT!

These problems are present all around the world, and there isn’t a real problem with anime in India (except for no Animax…Ugh!!!Why you do this Indian Television??). As long as you have Tumblr and Pinterest and the manga and anime websites, you’re good to go. Just be ready to be judged by most of the people around you.

Ja ne!

Your very own cyber-baka,


Little Things[Bookworm Edition!]

Hello again, my Little Internet Explorers,
OK, let’s face it. We all have to escape reality sometimes and that’s okay. Life tends to grow stressful by the clock and it can be hard to keep up. Sometimes we need a moment alone to sit back and smell the coffee (or tea, in my case) in order to recharge. For most of us, that’s where books come in.

If you’re addicted to books like I am, you’ve probably enjoyed the intense escape they provide. Bookworms understand the phenomenal feeling of reading a good book. It’s like stepping into another dimension with the snap of a finger, travelling through colorfully surreal settings, and making four-dimensional friends along the way. But the pleasure of reading is only one of many things I enjoy doing. The tiny little things that can be associated with books can probably fill a million pages but for today, here are ten of them:

1. The Smell Of Books.

Books are the absolute best-smelling thing in the world, because books appeal to our memory. Books always remind me of the wonderful moments I have experienced, and that makes me feel inexplicably, emotionally good. The smell of books makes me feel calm and safe, as if I were in a sanctuary. I think that the smell of books is comforting ‘cuz it reminds me of being warm, curled up, and relaxed. And btw…I am literally a full-on #booksniffer…..Annnnnd I really need this in my life.


Literally book-scented perfume!!!!

2. When The Title Of The Book Is Mentioned In The Book.

That little giddy excitement you get when this happens. And the ‘oh’ face you make and the instant grin on your face. Yes, that moment.

3. Arranging My Library.

Arranging my library according to color, author, genre…..etc etc etc is the most calming exercise for me. Whenever I get stressed out, I start planning how to arrange my books, and my stress melts away. And fun fact, I always change configurations every time I arrange it. (Currently, it’s according to genre.)

4. Discussing Books With Friends.

That is the best feeling ever! I remember in school when a new book in any series would be released, a group of fans would meet together just for it. And one of us would have already bought it and we would all take turns to read it. Awesome!! (OMG. That memory made me smile so much)

5. Seeing A Stranger Reading A Book You Like.

Its like a personal recommendation of the person. I love it when I randomly meet a stranger reading one of my favorite books. I can never help myself from going up and telling them that I love that book. And if they like it too, then its just……BAM! Instant Friendship. That ‘OMG!! Me Tooooo!!!’ moment…….awesome.

6. That Moment When You Get Immersed In A Book…..

………And the weird disconcerting feeling you get when you come out of reading and find its daytime because you have been reading and imagining about a night scene. Yeah, that. I dunno how common this is. I have met very few people for whom this happens. But this happens practically every time with me.

7. Fandom Mentioned In Other Books.

I love it when this happens. Even better when it happens in a book that belongs to my fandom. (cough..Percy Jackson….cough). It’s like a personal recommendation by the author. I almost immediately check those mentioned books/movies/TV series out if they are unknown.

I literally squealed when I read that!!

8. Finishing A Really Thick Book In A Short Time.

This happens when I get really engrossed in a book. Don’t mean to brag [Totally do.. ;)], but if I really get into it, I can even finish a 600 page book in an afternoon. That satisfaction when that happens feels good. Also that bitter-sweet feeling that the book is over tooooooo soon.

9. Old Used Book Stores.

In fact, old used books in general. I love old books, sometimes better than new books. No.1, the strange yet weirdly pleasant unknown scent of books that have been to unknown places. Sometimes, old books have writings on them. For me, they’re like tiny treasures. They are clues to how the previous owner had been. I love it when I find a book with writings on them. Also, I love the prices. And the randomness of books in them. You never know how the book will be ‘cuz its always haphazardly arranged. Also, aren’t these places almost always the best kind of book stores?

10. Curling Up With A Book On A Rainy Day With A Hot Beverage.

Lastly, this. Every bookworm in this world will agree with me that this situation is the best thing in the world. Especially if it’s curling up in bed with warm sheets and hot chocolate and an awesome book in hand. Heaven, don’t you think so??

These were ten of my favorite book related little things that I love the most.

Soooooo, what about you, my darling readers?? What makes your bookworm heart go ba-dump! with excitement???

As Always,

Your Little Bookworm,

Hello Internet!!!

Hello my little Internet Explorers!

It’s time to rip the band-aid off and finally start my journey here.

Hurray for that!

Now, first things first.

I am starting my first blog here!

Do I have an interesting and life-changing story?  No.

Do I know what I am gonna do with my life?  Not at all.

Do I know any other bloggers?  Nope.

Am I a writer?  Ummm….kinda.

Am I a poet?  Yes.

Am I an artist ?  Yup. Sketch artist (NOT a Painter.)

Am I a reader and a bookaholic?    Hell YEAH!!

I hope that cleared things up (or not).

I am Shreya Mukherjee. A 19 year old girl who loves the arts but surprisingly chose Engineering to pursue a degree in. I am a voracious reader, who loves sketching and writing the occasional poem. I am an utter foodie and I absolutely love baking.

Ok, so, I have brainstormed a lot about what to blog about. But I just can’t decide! There’s soooooo much I want to talk about. I can start a book blog, movie review thing, a superhero blog, an art blog, a tiny photography corner, a poems blog and lastly a food blog. Soooo, I thought, last night as I was laying in bed, why not mix them all together in a hotchy-potchy mess of ideas and thoughts!

And thus, was born, The Treasure Trove.

I hope y’all will like whatever I post on here. It will be conversational. I may flail around and squeal. There may be lots of !!!! and CAPSLOCKING and I may pour my often overexcited heart to you.

I would love to discuss all sorts of things in here–so lets keep it simple and say anything goes, shall we?

Yours hopefully,