Zeebee’s EMO MODE.

It's that time of the month again. No no...I am not talking about me PMSing or anything.Nah....it's nothing as mundane as that. It's my emo mode. At least, that's what I call this mood. No offense to people who proudly call themselves emo. No this is plain old non-clinical depression. Ok. OK. I had promised… Continue reading Zeebee’s EMO MODE.


The OTAKU Status In India

Invisible. Completely and utterly dead. Wellll......almost. These are a few choice words I can use in answer to the question in the title. Is it the same everywhere else too?? Being an otaku in India is a baaaaaaaaaaaadd idea. Especially now that Animax has pretty much disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle. There are literally no… Continue reading The OTAKU Status In India


Little Things[Bookworm Edition!]

If you’re addicted to books like I am, you've probably enjoyed the intense escape they provide. Bookworms understand the phenomenal feeling of reading a good book. It’s like stepping into another dimension with the snap of a finger, travelling through colorfully surreal settings, and making four-dimensional friends along the way. But the pleasure of reading is only one of many things I enjoy doing. The tiny little things that can be associated with books can probably fill a million pages but for today, here are ten of them: