Hello Internet!!!

Hello my little Internet Explorers!

It’s time to rip the band-aid off and finally start my journey here.

Hurray for that!

Now, first things first.

I am starting my first blog here!

Do I have an interesting and life-changing story?  No.

Do I know what I am gonna do with my life?  Not at all.

Do I know any other bloggers?  Nope.

Am I a writer?  Ummm….kinda.

Am I a poet?  Yes.

Am I an artist ?  Yup. Sketch artist (NOT a Painter.)

Am I a reader and a bookaholic?    Hell YEAH!!

I hope that cleared things up (or not).

I am Shreya Mukherjee. A 19 year old girl who loves the arts but surprisingly chose Engineering to pursue a degree in. I am a voracious reader, who loves sketching and writing the occasional poem. I am an utter foodie and I absolutely love baking.

Ok, so, I have brainstormed a lot about what to blog about. But I just can’t decide! There’s soooooo much I want to talk about. I can start a book blog, movie review thing, a superhero blog, an art blog, a tiny photography corner, a poems blog and lastly a food blog. Soooo, I thought, last night as I was laying in bed, why not mix them all together in a hotchy-potchy mess of ideas and thoughts!

And thus, was born, The Treasure Trove.

I hope y’all will like whatever I post on here. It will be conversational. I may flail around and squeal. There may be lots of !!!! and CAPSLOCKING and I may pour my often overexcited heart to you.

I would love to discuss all sorts of things in here–so lets keep it simple and say anything goes, shall we?

Yours hopefully,



4 thoughts on “Hello Internet!!!

  1. Hey!! I love this and it seems like you are quite like me with how you want you blogs to be! I think that your future blogs will be amazing and I love your chatty style of writing!!!

    I am going to recommend you to my readers in my next blog!! DEFINATLY!!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. So…the name’s Shreya. Hey Shreya 😀 for starts we both have the first letter of our first named similar…that’s a good start.
    Love your enthu you showed in your writing in this post…keep it up. At 19, I’m sure you have loads of it 😉
    Good to make a connection.

    Liked by 1 person

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