POEM: Poetry


Last night I had an epiphany

About the straightforwardness of my poems.

I rarely put in complicated words.

Nor obscure phrases and sentences.

Then I realized that I was wrong in every way.

For poems are the clear expression of mixed feels.

Poems are ideas that are hard to fathom.

Feelings and emotions from the heart, powerful and fierce.

These are the doodles from the imagination,

The eternal graffiti of a broken and a beating heart.

Poetry is the thought that breathes.

The words that burn.

Poetry is the mirror of a dreamer’s soul.

Just as dissimilar and unique.

Some whole while others with a hole.

Rhymes, metaphors or any tools of writing

Aren’t what make my poems vibrantly divergent.

It is what this poet wants to write about

Through her paper and ink ’til it finally runs out

Just because

I feel.


INFP – Turbulent Feels…

I used to be an INFJ.

Recently, I have begun taking an interest in personality types again and as usual I get the result of the personalities test as Introvert. Yeah yeah same old same old. That’s what it was 2 years ago too. I for Introvert. N for Intuitive. F for feeling. J for judging. But what’s new is that now it says that I am Prospective rather than Judging. Making me an INFP-T.
Oh btw, the *air-quotes*stands for Turbulent. hehe…totally agree with that. Continue reading “INFP – Turbulent Feels…”