POETRY: Perpetual Paradox

I am a living chaotic mess
Strange, I thought I was
a fan of order, wasn’t I?
I want to do everything
Yet, have the ambition to do nothing.

I am a conflicted individual
Who is soon gonna implode.
I want people to know how scarred I am
Yet, so scared to let them in.

I am a genius that doesn’t make much sense
I’ve been striving for happiness
Yet, holding onto the heaviness of reality.

I am a human contradiction
That hates mirrors
Yet, I smile and preen myself at every chance,
Because I know there’s nobody quite like me.

I am a unique paradox, ain’t I?
Living both inside and outside the box.


via Chaotic


The RIFT Between Imagination And Reality.

This is how it begins. You see a mighty dragon in your mind, its frightening head, shiny scales, marvelous wings, a long tail with a row of spikes… It’s so real you can almost touch it!

You grab a pencil, you feel the creative energy coming through your fingers, and… Continue reading “The RIFT Between Imagination And Reality.”

Something I Can’t Live Without…

Oh my Gods…..I can’t believe its already been a month since I wrote anything on here. I had been to Kolkata for almost half of last month. And you guess what happened there. I had left my laptop, with its lid open, on a chair (just for a moment, I swear, someone called me) and I come back to see that someone sat on it, yes legit sat on it, while it was open, and broke one of the hinges and the corner of its bottom.So for WHOLE week after we came back home, plus all the remaining time in Calc (dat’s Calcutta, not Calculus), I have had to survive without the love of my life, my preciousssss laptop.


And now, finally finally that I have my preciousssss back (It came to me. My own. My love. My own. My preciousssss)…sorry sorry enough with the Gollum references….I decided that since its sooooo long overdue I would write something up. And what better topic than “Something I can’t live without.” I’m writing from my own experience! Continue reading “Something I Can’t Live Without…”