Something I Can’t Live Without…

Oh my Gods…..I can’t believe its already been a month since I wrote anything on here. I had been to Kolkata for almost half of last month. And you guess what happened there. I had left my laptop, with its lid open, on a chair (just for a moment, I swear, someone called me) and I come back to see that someone sat on it, yes legit sat on it, while it was open, and broke one of the hinges and the corner of its bottom.So for WHOLE week after we came back home, plus all the remaining time in Calc (dat’s Calcutta, not Calculus), I have had to survive without the love of my life, my preciousssss laptop.


And now, finally finally that I have my preciousssss back (It came to me. My own. My love. My own. My preciousssss)…sorry sorry enough with the Gollum references….I decided that since its sooooo long overdue I would write something up. And what better topic than “Something I can’t live without.” I’m writing from my own experience!

Actually, now that I think of it….the first object that comes to mind for me is my phone. But there are certain areas where a phone drops out as well. Soooo…..laptop is a thing that most certainly ties in at top spot for this. So now that the preface and the reason for this post is done…….here’s how a typical essay on this would go:

Is there anything in your life that you couldn’t live without? Can you picture it now in your mind? Imagine what your life would be like without it! If I had to pick anything in my life that it would be hard to part with, I would pick a laptop. It is an important part of my work, my creativity, and my connections to others.

One of the more serious places where I use my laptop is for college. Not only is it necessary for checking my e-mail, but I also use it often in class. I often refer to links and attachments that teachers post online. Also, I prefer studying on my laptop rather than books. I know this opinion isn’t shared by everyone but it really makes sense to me. As an IT engineer, it’s necessary to study new topics and subjects which aren’t often present in the old books and it doesn’t make sense to buy new books for every semester. (have you seen their size?) Plus, teachers often refer to many different books. I can’t go about buying them all, can I? Add presentations and assignments to that, and yeah, its really necessary.

A laptop is also part of my creative process. (I’m using it right now!) Most of my creativity comes in when I am procrastinating instead of studying like I should be.(like right now!) Uhhhhh……Whoops! dats actually a disadvantage, isn’t it? hehe…Sometimes I like to write in my journal, but I’m a much faster typer than writer, so I do most of my creative work on my laptop. I think that I would never get anything written if I always had to write it out!
Finally, its pretty much a lifeline to my personality. As you can see from my blogging, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and various other social networking sites, I quite like the internet. My parents might call me a vigit, but honestly, all the things I like are on the interweb. Cat wallpapers, online shopping, art, home decor tips, manga, and the ever-dreamy Thomas Sanders.Fangirl_mode_tumblr3.gif

Hehe…..I really like the internet. It’s just…just a place where I can be me. Tumblr, DeviantArt, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, 8Tracks are just a few things that allow me to survive through the day. They feed my geeky artsy otaku music-lover, crazy self and make life better again. Yeah….they are available on mobile as well but not all together, just like I have right now. It’s like I had been holding my breath for a long time and finally back to typing has let me breathe easy. Huff!

My laptop’s the one thing I use every single day, and I don’t think I could live without it. I hope I don’t ever have to ever again! Fingers crossed!

Your very own Gollum,

P.S. I’m Gollum only for my laptop obsession…..don’t be mean n say I look like him!

P.P.S. Wat about u guys?? Do you share my laptop obsession? What are some things which you can’t live without?? Comment below and don’t forget to click that star button(if you liked it). Follow for more similar content and to look at the world……..through a dreamer’s Point of View.



3 thoughts on “Something I Can’t Live Without…

      1. Not at all… such love keeps changing 😛 its actually based on our need. There was a time when i was totally in love with a pen-pencil. I had used it since early college days. I still have it today but i dont know where it is. At that time i couldnt live wifhout it and now.. see.. 😃

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