The RIFT Between Imagination And Reality.

This is how it begins. You see a mighty dragon in your mind, its frightening head, shiny scales, marvelous wings, a long tail with a row of spikes… It’s so real you can almost touch it!

You grab a pencil, you feel the creative energy coming through your fingers, and… nothing looks right. It just doesn’t. That’s when frustration sets in. This is a real creation—you’re bringing to life something no one’s ever seen before! All these amazing creatures and fantastic stories in your mind are only waiting for you to set them free. You want to observe them as they’re being born on a sheet of paper, to see them come true, for everyone to admire them as you do. Why is it so hard? How to get a proper connection between the image in your mind and the lines created by your hand? Sighhhh…..well, to look at it positively, it’s good to be never achieve perfection as it helps us to work harder towards that goal and improve whatever we have been doing and the hunger to excel will always be prevalent in our work.

In a way, I think this gap is present in real life as well. After all, we all have grand visions of what we want our lives to look like, how we want them to feel, right? There are plenty of moments when that vision and reality come together and we actually experience the feelings we desire, but there are also times when there’s a gap. How we want our lives to feel and how we actually feel in the moment lie in stark comparison. Instead of imagining the feelings we desire on us now, as we actually are, we imagine that we will somehow transform into another person – some ideal version of ourselves that’s prettier, thinner, richer, happier, or whatever it may be.

The problem with the gap isn’t that we don’t yet have what we need, it’s that we aren’t consciously embodying the feelings we desire now as the people we actually are.

One solution to this, that actually works a lot for me is that to act the way that will help us feel the way we want. We must first embody the end feeling in order to help spark the actions that align with those feelings. For example, if I want to score well in my exams and am currently sitting on the couch surfing Tumblr and procrastinating and trying to convince myself to study, the best way to do that is is to conjure up the feelings of the resultant victory and happiness that will be achieved when I actually do score well within me so that it may translate externally. Essentially, I’m placing myself and my imagination in that desired state so that it’s easier to align my current actions with what will help bring me into that state. I think about how I want to be a motivated, calm and studious person and those thoughts and the reality of those feelings in my imagination motivate me to take actions that then result in me calming down, feeling good, and actually finding myself in the state I originally imagined.

The gap between our desired state and our reality lies in a lack of embodiment – both through actions and through imagination. When we find it hard to live or act in accordance with the life we imagine for ourselves (embodiment through action), we can use our imagination to remind ourselves what it would feel like to live in alignment with our deepest desires (embodiment through imagination), which will then help ignite the actions we need to take.

It’s a cycle where both action and imagination are essential. Imagination helps spark action when taking action is difficult and action is the bridge that helps moves our reality physically in the direction of our imagination. Furthermore, our imagination has the power to give us any feeling we’re looking for immediately without actually taking any action. The magic is that when we continually embody and immerse ourselves in the feelings of our desired state, our actions, behaviours, and circumstances naturally begin to progress in the direction………of our dreams.

Your very-own-optimist,


P.S. What about you guys?? What are your views on this? Do y’all have any tips about how to bridge The RIFT??

[This was my entry for this week’s Discover Challenge]

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