POETRY: Perpetual Paradox

I am a living chaotic mess
Strange, I thought I was
a fan of order, wasn’t I?
I want to do everything
Yet, have the ambition to do nothing.

I am a conflicted individual
Who is soon gonna implode.
I want people to know how scarred I am
Yet, so scared to let them in.

I am a genius that doesn’t make much sense
I’ve been striving for happiness
Yet, holding onto the heaviness of reality.

I am a human contradiction
That hates mirrors
Yet, I smile and preen myself at every chance,
Because I know there’s nobody quite like me.

I am a unique paradox, ain’t I?
Living both inside and outside the box.


via Chaotic

Published by


ZEEBEE. A dreamer who occasionally blogs about her take on reality. Socially awkward person obsessed with The Sims and the color yellow.

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