The HOARDING Disorder

Hehe…guess what today’s daily prompt is?? It’s Treasure. I literally snorted when I first saw it. I mean, c’mon….can’t you see the irony here? My blog is named Zibell’s Treasure Trove, for heaven’s sake! Soooo… I really felt the need to write about this today.

We all have our own definition of treasured belongings. Mine is that a treasured belonging is not only about the things someone special has given to you but it’s about a thing that has a hidden special meaning in your heart. I, for one, have a lot of treasured belongings, some were given by my family or friends or past [insert air- quotes] special people and some are those I’ve bought for myself or maybe some are just things that make me go…‘Oooo Pretty!’ but everybody have their own standard of the “most” and I also have mine. Continue reading “The HOARDING Disorder”


On Learning to Love MYSELF….

I’ve heard the statement “just be yourself” so much. It sounds like an amazing thing to do, and I have wished many times that I could just do that. When it comes to being yourself, there can be a lot of pressure from the outside world as it tries to influence who you are. Living in a society that is constantly developing, it’s important for you to always be yourself from the inside out. Continue reading “On Learning to Love MYSELF….”

Letters To Santa

Happy December! The countdown to Christmas has begun and I couldn’t be more excited for my favourite time of the year! It’s obvious, ain’t it?? BTW, how do you like this month’s header? I literally shouted ‘Me!‘ when I first saw it… 😀

I know…I know its way tooooo early. But Christmas always has a special meaning to me. Its my favorite festival of the year! Even though my family doesn’t celebrate it anymore, Christmas to me will always be a cherished day no…event. ‘Cuz obviously, Christmas begins daaaayyyys before. It means counting down the days on my calendar, gifting myself a present, and obviously, baking.

When I was younger, this also included writing long letters to Santa. Hmmmm..I wonder if that’s where my love for letters originated. I feel that I write a lot of letters, both on this blog and in everyday life. I may not send it, but all my letters usually have deep secrets. I love writing letters. And when I was a teeny girl I loved writing letters to Father Christmas, didn’t we all? Continue reading “Letters To Santa”