Letters To Santa

Happy December! The countdown to Christmas has begun and I couldn’t be more excited for my favourite time of the year! It’s obvious, ain’t it?? BTW, how do you like this month’s header? I literally shouted ‘Me!‘ when I first saw it… 😀

I know…I know its way tooooo early. But Christmas always has a special meaning to me. Its my favorite festival of the year! Even though my family doesn’t celebrate it anymore, Christmas to me will always be a cherished day no…event. ‘Cuz obviously, Christmas begins daaaayyyys before. It means counting down the days on my calendar, gifting myself a present, and obviously, baking.

When I was younger, this also included writing long letters to Santa. Hmmmm..I wonder if that’s where my love for letters originated. I feel that I write a lot of letters, both on this blog and in everyday life. I may not send it, but all my letters usually have deep secrets. I love writing letters. And when I was a teeny girl I loved writing letters to Father Christmas, didn’t we all?

Then this idea came to my head, taking a trip back and embracing my younger self. And writing a letter to Santa. Then I thought, I can’t be the only one who feels this way. So I decided to construct this letter to share with y’all.

Dear Santa,

It’s been almost 8 years since I last wrote to you. I hope you and Rudolf and the others are doing great. I don’t remember all the gifts you gave me. But there is one I still remember. I think it was the year before I got to know your little secret (shh!). You had given me a book that had been much coveted. And I woke up the morning to find the book and the usual stack of chocolates under my pillows. Cause we didn’t have a tree. I remember writing wish lists to you about every single thing I want. And my four-year-old self-did have some crazy ideas (we will keep that between us).

Things have changed a lot since then. I grew up (obvious) and my wishes did change. From wanting the entire set of Famous Five Series(You never gave me that -_-) to less materialistic things now. What I want now is something you can’t give me. I want to get great marks in these coming exams and I would have to work hard for that. You really can’t give that to me. I do hope that my name lands in the ‘Nice’ list and you still remember me. I think I have figured out why as children we believe in you. It wasn’t that you brought us gifts. Although that was the really good factor. It was because there was something about an old bearded man [not Dumbledore!] riding on a cart driven with reindeer with gifts in a red bag that seemed magical in this mortal world.

So Santa, merry Christmas and I will hang cookies in a sock for you on the eve of Christmas. Thank you for giving me something to believe in.



P.S. Its not like I would mind getting a Slytherin sweatshirt for Christmas(winkwink nudge nudge) 
        Ohhh… or the Trials of Apollo book…
        Ok…how about a perfect fanfiction ??
        No? Then a pair of cat themed socks please!
        OMG I know just what I need…Peerrrrrfect Hair….oh wait that’s impossible. *sighs*


So what about you, darling reader ??? What would be your letter to Santa if you wrote one? What would you wish for? Share ur hearts desires for this Christmas down in the comments below…


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