The HOARDING Disorder

Hehe…guess what today’s daily prompt is?? It’s Treasure. I literally snorted when I first saw it. I mean, c’mon….can’t you see the irony here? My blog is named Zibell’s Treasure Trove, for heaven’s sake! Soooo… I really felt the need to write about this today.

We all have our own definition of treasured belongings. Mine is that a treasured belonging is not only about the things someone special has given to you but it’s about a thing that has a hidden special meaning in your heart. I, for one, have a lot of treasured belongings, some were given by my family or friends or past [insert air- quotes] special people and some are those I’ve bought for myself or maybe some are just things that make me go…‘Oooo Pretty!’ but everybody have their own standard of the “most” and I also have mine.

I must admit though, my treasure trove is of a way higher range than just a mere collection hobby. I, my friend, have a really bad habit of hoarding. Is that bad? I dunno…it makes me happy. The whole point of collecting is the thrill of acquisition, which must be maximized, and maintained at all costs. I hoard everything, I swear to god. From my childhood books to newspaper cuttings to movie tickets to pretty clothing tags to the wrapper of the very first Valentine’s Special Edition Cadbury Silk chocolate that I ever got.(Ah memories….)

Its getting even worse these past years now that I have discovered Pinterest. It is a site literally made to feed my hoarding habits, it seems. There’s soooooo much I have collected in this mind of mine and had…no have to share with people. From books to rants about things or anime or life in general. Soooo, I thought,why not mix them all together in a hotchy-potchy mess of ideas and thoughts! All that spilled over and thus, The Treasure Trove was created.

On a completely different note, I finally reached 50 FOLLOWERS today!! I had been waiting for this for days!! Thanks to all my followers! *insert stuck-up white girl voice* This, like, totally, made my day….awww….you guys are like, totally, like….awesome! hehe….no seriously, I am really thankful. And this makes me more determined. I believe this is just the beginning, and there’s a lot more to come, I hope so. I promise so…..please continue to support this little dreamer! Thank you!!

Soooo…continuing with the original line of thought……why do people collect things?? I am not sure if I know the psychology behind collecting things. But I collect things because I want to relive those moments when I grow old and remember the good old times. There’s a word for it- ‘nostalgia’. But there’s more to it. When you look at the thing which you collected it reminds you of a forlorn past, a time bygone, an era which has ended.

The peculiar thing about memories is that the more you bury them, stronger they become. So as life catches its pace, those million feelings and thousand thoughts take a backseat. It’s only when you face the adversities, you are forced into action to handle the unleashed.

Or maybe as quoted by Nicole Krauss in The History of Love
“At the end, all that’s left of you are your possessions. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never been able to throw anything away. Perhaps that’s why I hoarded the world: with the hope that when I died, the sum total of my things would suggest a life larger than the one I lived.”

Spooky, right?

They say that time changes everything, but it’s always been a bit of a paradox to me. It rushes. It stands still. It messes with your memory but also firms up those magical moments in your life and allows you to reminisce about them as though they happened yesterday.

I have a lot of those magical moments in my life. Some are amazing memories. Some are just plain awful. And while there’s no need for me to remember them just to write them in a blog post, I will keep them tucked away. They are a part of me. I will instead just focus on those wonderful, magical memories that I’ve been so very blessed to have. I’m able to open them over and over again and live the days like they just happened. And there are some in particular that I will enjoy reliving time and time again.

I know exactly what my mom will say to this post- ‘You should be able to differentiate between your needs and desires.’


If only I could, Mum, if only…..

Your little-hoarder,


P.S. What about u, darling readers??? Do you have, what I have named the HOARDING DISORDER? Do you too, maybe, like to keep all those childhood photos? Or maybe……those old Pokemon cards??


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