Want the view the world from a dreamer’s POV? Want to find someone else who GETS your extreme bookworm habits? Want to talk about the fangirl life with someone? Crave some cooking? Then the Treasure Trove blog just might be for you!

Simply put, My Treasure Trove is a blog that has no boundaries.This blog isn’t a SERIOUS BUSINESS type of joint. Think of it as sitting down with a friend and just talking back and forth about the latest topic that holds your interest. It’s conversational, there might be swooning, there might be CAPS LOCK, lots of !!!!! &  angry keysmashing or I might pour my heart out to you. You will also find fun bookworm-y(is that even a word?) posts, discussions about all things Fangirl and a smattering of personal posts and whatever my little heart desires.



…This girl is!!!! Ohiyo! Bonjour! Hola! Haiiiiii!!! Zibell here. Well actually….my name is Shreya. But call me Zeebee. I am a 20 year old dreamer. In my opinion, the world would be better off if everyone had a wild imagination like I do. When I’m not lost in my own weird world, I can be found trying to muddle through a IT Engineering Degree. Or actually…life….in general.


I have pretty much a normal, nerdy life. I wake up on Monday mornings with a sense of dread and sleepiness, having spent the Sunday blowing up people with a bazookaresearching murder techniques and how to hide the bodystalking people on the net…….no no….Just Kidding…Honestly. All I do is waste hour after hour scrolling through Tumblr and Pinterest and searching for good manga to read. I am constantly in the search of a good story, good music, cool art, awesome outfits, epic adventures and a good baking recipe.

Feel free to message me if you wish to find out a dreamer’s take on the world. Byieeeee!!

Have an awesomefab day!!