REVIEW: Norwegian Wood

Guys! I finally found him. I have dreamed about this all my life. And finally finally discovering him felt absolutely surreal. Zeebee's mind was totally blown, I tell you! I finally (finally!) found............my favorite author! Hey.....You were all fooled there for a second, weren't'cha?? (Although the title did say review...) I recently picked up a book… Continue reading REVIEW: Norwegian Wood


The HOARDING Disorder

Hehe...guess what today's daily prompt is?? It's Treasure. I literally snorted when I first saw it. I mean, c'mon....can't you see the irony here? My blog is named Zibell's Treasure Trove, for heaven's sake! Soooo... I really felt the need to write about this today. We all have our own definition of treasured belongings. Mine… Continue reading The HOARDING Disorder