The HOARDING Disorder

Hehe…guess what today’s daily prompt is?? It’s Treasure. I literally snorted when I first saw it. I mean, c’mon….can’t you see the irony here? My blog is named Zibell’s Treasure Trove, for heaven’s sake! Soooo… I really felt the need to write about this today.

We all have our own definition of treasured belongings. Mine is that a treasured belonging is not only about the things someone special has given to you but it’s about a thing that has a hidden special meaning in your heart. I, for one, have a lot of treasured belongings, some were given by my family or friends or past [insert air- quotes] special people and some are those I’ve bought for myself or maybe some are just things that make me go…‘Oooo Pretty!’ but everybody have their own standard of the โ€œmostโ€ and I also have mine. Continue reading “The HOARDING Disorder”

Letters To Santa

Happy December! The countdown to Christmas has begun and I couldnโ€™t be more excited for my favourite time of the year! It’s obvious, ain’t it?? BTW, how do you like this month’s header? I literally shouted ‘Me!‘ when I first saw it… ๐Ÿ˜€

I know…I know its way tooooo early. But Christmas always has a special meaning to me. Its my favorite festival of the year! Even though my family doesn’t celebrate it anymore, Christmas to me will always be a cherished day no…event. ‘Cuz obviously, Christmas begins daaaayyyys before. It means counting down the days on my calendar, gifting myself a present, and obviously, baking.

When I was younger, this also included writing long letters to Santa. Hmmmm..I wonder if that’s where my love for letters originated. I feel that I write a lot of letters, both on this blog and in everyday life. I may not send it, but all my letters usually have deep secrets. I love writing letters. And when I was a teeny girl I loved writing letters to Father Christmas, didnโ€™t we all? Continue reading “Letters To Santa”