#Friends For Life???

Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier.

Friends are the family that we choose ourselves.

Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are there.

True friendship isn’t being inseparable. It is being separated and nothing changes.

There are probably more than a million other quotes about friends and friendship. Instagram and Twitter feeds are literally over-flooded with pics of people posting ‘#Friends For Life!’. It gets annoying after a while, don’t you think? I mean, I understand you are friends, but no need to shove it into everyone’s face. Or is it just me? 

As for me, I’m happy to say that I have a small bunch of people that I call “friends”. Some of ’em are just friends, some close friends, some school friends, some college friends and some online friends. However I’m not sure I can say that I have “friends for life”. I’m not being depressive or thinking way too much. I’m just stating the obvious. It’s not that I don’t have friends who can be a part of my future life, they’re all awesome. The issue probably lies in me. I outgrow people really easily. One day I will be dying to talk to them and the other day, ignored texts, ignored talks and stuff. It took me actually a lot of “self talking” to come to this fact, that I do outgrow people really easily. And I do pay the consequences. I have lost a bunch of people who could have been my “forever”, if I would not have the habit of outgrowing. I honestly don’t know if I can call myself a good friend. It’s not that I don’t want to have friends for life, but I can’t help it. It may sound creepy but I get a feeling from the starting, knowing if this person is gonna be my long term friend or not. I know I know, I am still in college and I have my whoooole life left, I can make a lot of friends, but still. I do want some of my current friends with me in future.

But my suddenly not talking to my “friends” does not mean that I don’t care about ’em. I can proudly say that I’m a person someone can rely to. I may not be the funniest or that friend who’s always wanted but I’ll always be there. I may not talk but I’ll be there when someone needs me. I honestly don’t know if this “out growing” stuff only happens with me. And I really feel guilty. I swear. I do not want to lose people because of this. I have already lost a lot of ’em. But I’m happy to have these amazing people called as my “friends” who make life easier and more fun.5a7c0f1afa599052f01d1757e3f18e38

Is there anyone of you who outgrow people too? Is there such thing as “friends for life”?




Why I Love James Moriarty.

Okay sherlockians!

Soooo….a while back, I had a discussion with a Sherlock fan about Jim Moriarty. Aaannnd…..I was surprised to find that apparently more than half the fandom dislike James.

At least That‘s the view of the people around me. And as usual, I provide the contradiction. I love him. He’s literally my favorite character in Sherlock. What’s there to hate? So I’m going to list the things I love about James Moriarty. And hopefully, you’ll understand his awesomeness.

1. He is Toootally crazy.raw

And I love it. I think that this is one of the aspects that makes him such an interesting character. Disorders include Narcissistic personality disorder, sadistic personality disorder, passive-aggressive personality disorder, possible antisocial personality disorder or in a word, a psychopath. Let’s be honest, it’d be boring if Sherlock’s arch-nemesis was ‘ordinary’, right?

2. He is incredibly intelligent.

James Moriarty didn’t just trick Sherlock with his disguise in ‘The Great Game’, he also tricked him and even Mycroft Holmes (who is even smarter than Sherlock!) that there’d be a key code in ‘The Reichenbach Fall’. And also to mention is that he faked his death and Sherlock didn’t notice. He knew exactly how Sherlock would react if he ‘killed himself’.

3. He is unpredictable.

You never know if he’ll flirt with you or start screaming mid-sentence and this just makes it so much more exciting. Plus, just remember how he attempted to steal the crown jewels.

4. He is sooooo changeable!tumblr_mze1x4pr4g1sabwaso2_500

This is literally my favorite line of his! (OK…I say that for every line…but let’s ignore that) Let’s just talk about ‘The Great Game’.

We wouldn’t have thought it was the guy from the morgue, ‘Jim from IT’, because he seemed so innocent , just like ‘Rich Brook’ in the ‘Reichenbachfall’. As he is a psychopath which means he can’t feel like ordinary people feel he can perfectly act as if he would.

5. He is the perfect villain.

He loves fairy tales, and pretty grim ones too.

Let’s just mention that he wore a fox tie pin at court. There’s a Grimm fairy tale about a fox who fakes his own death.

6. Andrew Scott.

He is such a brilliant actor. I really love how he portrays James in the ‘modern’ Sherlock Holmes story. God, that actor is sooo talented. Plus, can we talk about how adorable and cute Andrew is? And I love that he started dancing to the music in ‘the Reichenbachfall’ (it wasn’t in the script).

7. His Eyes

They can be so beautiful and soft sometimes but when he suddenly screams they just immediately frighten you. Like…seriously…go search Moriarty on Google images and see the eyes in each picture.

8. His riddles.

The reason why I was so excited for Moriarty when I first watched Sherlock is because he gets mentioned a lot in the first episodes but isn’t shown. Then in the great game, there’s the row of riddles Sherlock has to solve and gets close to Moriarty after every riddle. And the biggest riddle there was was the final problem where both of them faked their death.


Okay guys! I could list a lot of other things I love about him but I hope people who don’t like him can now partly comprehend why there is so much sherlockians who like him and think he is an interesting character.

Now, in my opinion the key to creating a memorable villain is, as with all good characters, a sense of who they are. And like Moriarty says “Because we’re not so different, you and I. Because we both get bored, we both spend all our lives searching and searching for distractions…only you’re boring. You prance around London, solving other people’s problems, and you know it could have been different, oh, it could have been very different…when you look at me, Sherlock, you don’t see a criminal or a monster. You see the man that you could have become. You see yourself.” Yep.He knows!

Jim Moriarty is psychologically similar to Sherlock in many ways. They share similar personality type , and a lot of the same positive and negative traits. However, the difference between the two is that Sherlock copes with his boredom in ways that benefit others, whereas Jim Moriarty copes with his boredom in ways that are destructive to not only others, but himself.

Lastly, I know, I know. People(hi mom) say that he’s just a fictional character. Don’t obsess over him. Ordinary people don’t do that. So…..there’s only one answer to that.


Maybe psychopaths are just my type.<winks>


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