10 Reasons Why: Pluviophile Version.

Whoever said they hated rainy days clearly did not spend enough time indoors as a child. Rainy days are the best! Who doesn’t love a real reason to stay in your jammies, cuddle up to someone (or um, in my case, something… like a book… get your head out of the gutter!) and take advantage of the crappy weather? People who are motivated to do things, that’s who. And you know what, they suck.

For the rest of us, however, rainy days are as special as a government holiday. You can be a little extra lazy, take a little more time to get to places and, above all else, blame everything on the weather.

Here are the 10 reasons why you’re secretly glad it’s raining:

1. A viable excuse to stay in

tenor.gifEven the ragiest of Rage Nazis opts to stay inside when it’s pouring. Who would willingly put their fancy going-out shoes at risk?

And lucky for you, who didn’t even want to socialize in the first place, you finally have a legitimate reason not to wash your hair and whiten your teeth while cookies bake in the oven. It’s your dream night come true.

2. Listening to slow playlists

You love listening to that sappy Bon Iver album, but there’s never really been a right time to play it… until now.

The rainy weather is super fitting for tuning into all those slow songs and feeling romantic for no reason other than acoustics and harmonies. Who said you turn down for nothing?

3. Comfort Food

eating-soupPreferably something warm and highly caloric. We won’t be moving for a while. Do you love soup? Coffee? Tea? Sweets? Then rainy days are perfect to exploit those cravings of yours. What’s better then sitting down and enjoying a hot cup of your favorite drink and a soft chewy cookie? Literally nothing. You can’t fight this. You can even have friends and loved ones join in!

4.Comfy clothes


Those elastic waistband pants and your old ratty t-shirt(maybe Dad’s) ain’t gonna wear themselves, honey. Everyone’s wardrobe gets a pass when there are puddles to dodge.

5. Catching up on your hobbies.

Now that you have cozy clothes and hot comfort food, what’s remaining but a good movie or series. You’ve been meaning to watch that series everyone saw except you *cough…”Thirteen Reasons Why”…cough* for, no exaggeration, 2 months now. You never had the time in your busy busy schedule, poor you. But now you do.

Sorry world, but the sunshine will have to come another day. You’ve got a hot date with your Netflix and you’re not about to flake.

6. rainymood.com

The pitter patters of rain on windows and roofs create such a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. The white noise created from the rain drops allows your mind to relax and can even help you sleep better! I know I sleep better during the pouring rain.

7. Isn’t it delightful?


You’ve never truly experienced the joy of rain until you’ve danced during a storm. Grab a friend, a significant other, or go alone, and lose yourself in the moment. There’s nothing more freeing and memorable than dancing until you’re soaking wet in the middle of a storm. Maybe even grab one of those movie kisses in the rain – that’s a moment to remember. Look at Troy and Gabriella; I’d say they’d agree with me!

8. Sleeping is suddenly a hundred times more comfortable.

little mermaid bed

Remember the nights when you can’t even fall asleep because of the heat? Well, those nights are gone and won’t come back till a few more months. Now, we can just be glad that we can wrap ourselves in our warm blanket at night.

9. Free your emo mode

Sometimes we just want to brood and be miserable because it’s fun, okay? Feeling sad can also feel really, really good. Embrace the cold, dark skies, which are the perfect metaphor for your soul right now. Soooo, emo.

10. Dramatically staring out the window

tumblr_inline_oolhcsl6NO1t645zh_500.gifQuick! Someone take a picture of me looking forlorn and contemplative while gazing out this windowsill so I can upload it to Insta! Promise I’ll give you photo cred, mmmm kay. #NoFilter. Rainy daze!!


Your little pluviophile,


P.S. Light heartedness aside, monsoon brings so much damage to our country every year. We experience floods around the metro, and our provinces suffer so much from devastating typhoons. When there’s a signal no. 1 storm hitting the city and you still have to go to work, you sometimes wish it’s summer all over again. After all, no one wants to waddle through a padded street or to be stuck in the office overnight. It has really been raining heavily for the past week. Stay safe out there, people!



The Rainy Days.

I wake up and immediately look out the window at the sky……And sigh. The sky looks like a mirror again. Perfect, blue, still. Its so sunnyyyy!! I am peeved by the lack of dark clouds on the horizon. I imagine throwing a rock against that perfect screen, shattering it into a thousand pieces. Maybe a ticked off Zeus will peer out, with a frown that would easily demote Ma’s face when she finds out that yet again, I have snoozed past my alarm.

In the class just after lunch break, I look up and I see it. Looming far away with a menacing air of purpose. It’s headed this way for sure. A smile pulls at the corners of my mouth. The pluviophile in me rears her dreamy philosophical head.

It takes the entire afternoon to get here. In the meantime I doze and daydream through two classes and a lab and spend the afternoon doodling random stuff in my notebook instead of concentrating.  All the while my ear out for those soft footfalls.  The pitter-patter that announces its arrival. My seatmate scolds me and tells me to study. I wave her off and continue drawing after stealing a glance out the window.492084862

Finally I’m done with classes for the day. I throw a disapproving look at the sky. “Cheater,” I mutter under my breath and I’m answered by a strong gust of wind that messes up my usual messed up hair even more. I tell myself to calm down. Don’t expect too much, Zeebee, I think glumly to myself, It’ll blow away.

As I walk down the building, the air gets cooler. It’s gusty by the time I reach the ground floor. People are laughing and planning the long weekend ahead. “Come on already,” I beg silently. “It’s not like I’m not asking for much,” I pout. And then it happens.

A drop suddenly falls on my nose, making me look up. A loud rumble follows as if to catch my attention, if by chance I had missed its previous attempt. Well to be honest, it certainly worked. People stopped, gazed at the sky and ran for cover. The ones who live nearby rushed to their vehicles, hoping to reach home before it started in earnest. The smarter ones dug into their bags. The security guard blew his whistle. The sleeping dog moved to a tree and continued with its life’s vocation. And in the midst of all this activity I stood, my grin growing wider by the second. Awaiting that glorious event which would be the perfect setting for a first kiss, a dramatic break-up, a violent fight or maybe a cheesy Bollywood dance number.

And my patience is soon rewarded. The familiar scent of wet earth and mud reach me. It is very windy now.

431175910e70dfee3eebae4a573638c1Another great rumble and the much awaited pitter-patter begins. The concrete becomes spotted in a wink and the next thing you know….it’s drenched. Like my t-shirt. Or my hair. Or my new pop art sneakers which I spent the entire day protecting from dust. Shit! I race for my two-wheeler, skipping over the water-logged areas, grinning all the way.


On post-thought, anyone who saw me must have thought me demented.

Oh well.